Annual General Meeting March 2014

Annual General Meeting March 2014

Annual General Meeting

12th March 2014

Meeting commenced: 1900 hrs


20 Members in attendance


Apologies for absence : Lee Saxon, Jim Carswell, Margaret Vanstone, Alick Venning, Mel Alder


Acceptance of Minutes of AGM held on 7th Nov 2012



Captains Address



Since I became the Captain of Trethorne on the 1st January 2012 (27 months ago), I have experienced some disappointments and some moments of extreme pride. There’s been a lot of hard work and a lot of hours arranging competitions, matches and teams but I have enjoyed some great perks to.


I could not have done a lot of what I have done without the help of my wife Julie. She has been there from the very start and now the end is well in sight, I don’t think there’s anyone more pleased than her. So I thank her for everything.


I’d also like to thank my boss Ivor for his understanding when Captain’s duties clashed with work commitments. I hope I didn’t take too much time off.


I must now thank all the staff at Trethorne for their patience, as I’m sure I’ve come close to being told where to go with some of my requests.


I need to congratulate the Salver team and the bowl team for both teams in 2013 made it to the semi-finals and this year the bowl team went one step further and made it to the final, so next year hopefully…….. well,  we’ll keep our fingers crossed.


Well done to everyone who won competitions this year including Andy Curtis who carried me to victory in the Cornwall Captains Autumn foursomes. Also, a special congratulations to Alex Manuel for being my player of the year by winning a competition with 51 points. He is also the only person to be unbeaten after playing every match in the Cornish Bowl.


Thanks to Simon Schofield for being so selfless with his help for the past 27 months. Especially with raising awareness for the Cornwall Air Ambulance, the Captain’s Charity. He is my Clubman of the Year.


Now to Chris Eyles, thank you for your help. I hope I did not put too much on you this year and I hope I have given you a good insight into your Captaincy this coming year. I wish you luck but I know you’re going to be a great Captain (you can learn from my mistakes!). If you are ever in need of help, please do not hesitate to ask (but come to me, not Julie!

And to everyone else, I thank you all for your support these past 27 months, you have made my time as Captain an absolute honour.


Finally I would like to apologise in advance to Chris because parking in the same space for over 2 years is going to be a very hard habit to break!



Course Report:


2013 at Trethorne GC has been the 2nd wettest on record since I started back in2006 with 1515mm of rain that’s over 60 inches in old language. Compare that to 2008 the wettest over 2070mm, 80 inches.


But in the end we did have a summer of about 5 weeks, following one of the coldest springs on record. This time last year Cheltenham race course was a staggering -12 today +13


On the course this year I shall be following the same liquid organic feeding programme that I devised last year, I feel we had good results on the greens in my department as well as yours being the playing one. Disease was zero across the course which means slowly the greens are recovering from previous fertiliser inputs before my time !! Bacteria levels are the healthiest I have seen in a long time with a quarter of an inch of thatch, in the root zone. Top dressing last year was down to 60 tonnes in total, I will endeavour to raise this back up to the magical figure of 90 tonnes.


Winter 2013 projects have been hit hard by the weather and curtailed a little with 500mm of rain falling in Nov/Dec. The 16th hole next week I have cultivator coming in to level and prepare the ground for seeding, also a few areas still need a drain in them around the green but these can be left, so as to get the hole back in play totally. I shall not list all the jobs tonight but they are on the main club notice board.




Andy George left and has become a head green keeper for Crown golf in the London area, that makes all my deputy’s that  have left me have all gone forward in their careers and become head green keepers.


Domonic Gibbard joined us, his career started at Burdock Vein GC then 3 clubs in the Home Counties area before returning to Cornwall at Killiow as deputy.


STRI awards our first attempt we finished 13th out of a field of 800+, a good show for a small club amongst giants like Turnbury, St Andrews etc.


We are moving sheds to our new location next to the driving range; coffee will be available 10p cheaper than Jon but don’t tell him that!!


I am currently in negotiation with Jon about 2 new bits of kit, a fairway mower £38,000 and a rough mower £54,000 Ouch!!! I have noticed Jon sprinting away when I mention this conversation, but I feel I might be able to catch up with Robin.


Confirmation & Election of Committee for 2014


Mens Captain:  Chris Eyles


Mens Vice Captain: TBC


Treasurer: Heather Saxon


Mixed Captain: TBC


Junior organiser: Wayne Bashford


Secretary:. Steve Saunders


Ladies Captain: Heather Eyles


Ladies Vice Captain: TBC


Committee Rep: Graham Evans


Handicap Sec  James Gardner.


Handicap Rep  Paul Lakey






Lady Captains Address:


Cornwall Mini League, Trethorne Ladies won their entire home fixtures and lost all the away fixtures, and are lying 4th in the league at the halfway stage. Thanks to all the team players for a respectable result.

All the club ladies competition was well supported throughout the year. Jill Shirley was the most successful lady winning four trophies.

I would like to thank Jon and all of the Trethorne staff for their help and service over the past year.

Special thanks to Martin Brooks who has served the club for past 27 months.

I wish Heather Eyles success for 2014 and thank her for her support this year.


Senior Captains Address:


Roll up attendance varied between 12 people on the wet days to 33 on one sunny Tuesday in the summer, the average was on the region of 20. The best score recorded was 46 points by David Orriss in November.

In the friendly matches we started off like tigers and finished like kittens. We were unbeaten for the first 6 matches, but only won 2 of the last 5.

The year’s final tally was played 21 cancelled 1; won12 drew 2 and lost 7

My thanks goes to both type of members, the members who played regularly for the club, and the guys who stood in at the last minutes to make up the team.

The best result for me, and hopefully all the seniors, was retaining the triangular crystal cup, beating Fingle Glen and Great Torrington by 7 points and 13 points respectively.

The away day at Lostwithiel was well supported with 33 members in attendance.

A charity day was held in September sponsored by Gary Harrison, with the charity raffle from the away day raised a total of £300 for the club captain’s charity.

I would like to thank Jon Grainger and all his team members for the help and service they have given the seniors.


The course is a cracking layout, maintained in the best condition possible all year, with improvements year on year.

The food has constantly been of highest standard and good value.

The staffs are always helpful and friendly.

The facilities like cloakrooms and changing rooms are always in good order.

One more thank-you is to the senior’s committee and all the seniors’ members who have helped and steered me through this year.

Best wishes to Alick for 2014.



Mixed Captains Address:


I have enjoyed the last year as Mixed Captain, although a little disappointed with having to cancel so many Friendly matches due to either weather or double booking.


The friendly matches are a great way to meet new people and also to play other courses for a good price, it also gives us a chance to show off our great course, so long may they continue.


I would like to thank everyone for their support throughout the year and hope that they grant my predecessor the same support, whoever that may be. I know that I will be there when needed.



A.O.B. & Questions.


Simon Schofield asked Justin about the e1st green, Justin said that at the moment nothing is planned, Jon said that talks have taken place, the 2nd green will take priority over the 1st but does understand that the first 2 greens need to be changed, but at the moment there is no time scale but it is on the list.


Simon Schofield Asked about the small parcel of land behind the 1st green, who owns it? Could it be purchased? As he feels it would help if a path could be put in to the 2nd tee from the 1st green on H&S grounds, Jon and Justin will look into this.


Ivor Edmonds asked how long the 2nd green would take to be back in play, Justin said 8 weeks.


Chris Eyles stated that the Captains charity will remain with Cornwall Air Ambulance.


Martin Brooks said that the constitution states the AGM should be held in November, a vote was held tonight and the members voted to change this to March each year.


Charlie Edmonds asked why no Lady of the year was announced at presentation evening; Rosemary said that as she was unable to attend presentation night she would announce it at her away day.


Chris Eyles has made posters advertising Captains nights for his term every Wednesday on dates on poster 4.30pm – 6.30pm teams of 3 play as you arrive for these fun evenings, he said he is keen to get as many members as possible to join in.


John Vidler asked about members tee time in comps starting at around 10.27 and could 3/4 tee times be put in at 8.00 to help members with commitments later in the day, martin Brooks said this was brought in to stop the same people playing together all the time, Chris and myself will look into this matter.


Charlie Edmonds asked what the extra yardage was for ladies on the 18th, she was told to take it of the yellow tees as a temp measure.


Jon Grainger thanked his front and back room staff on behalf of himself and Robin, the Committee for representing the club and to Martin for his 2 year stint as Captain, he wished the incoming Committee, he said that membership levels were up this year.


Wayne Basford asked if a “New Members” evening could be introduced, Jon thought this was a good idea and will look into this.




Meeting Closed at 19.55 hrs.


Time and Date for next AGM, Members will be informed of the date for 2015.