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What is Primo Maxx?

What is Primo Maxx?
Primo Maxx reduces top growth while improving both sward density and root mass. It has a unique

Weather Watch!

Weather Watch!
As I look at the steady rain falling outside and note how we are still hanging on to the cool

Spring Maintenance

SPRING COURSE NEWSLETTER 2015 In mid-April we started our spring maintenance on the greens. We

Wet Surfaces

Wetter surfaces this winter and the penetrent debate A lot of people have commented to me that

Nitro in the Rain

During lightening storms, rain often carries with it extra nitrogen because of the oxidation in

A New Home!!!

I am totally, completely, absolutely, delighted, ecstatic to report that the Greenkeeping Team

Green Aeration

The benefits of solid tining are as follows: Loosens the soil and improves drainage Increases

Top Dressing – Why?

There are many reasons why we apply topdressing….. – To increase surface levels.