Committee Meeting 13th May 2013

Committee Meeting 13th May 2013

PRESENT: M Brooks, J Brooks, S Saunders, J Grainger, J Gardner, J Austin, P Cobb, P Lakey, R Cobb, S Schofield. M Vanstone, C Eyles.APOLOGIES: NoneMeeting Started at 1905hrs.Acceptance Minutes of Committee Meeting 8th April 2013

Matters Arising



•  Created a new lawn/tee area by the patio
•  4th power brush to lift out winter grass
•  Being cut every day to a height of 5.0mm
•  Slowly the winter cultivars are coming though the grass profile
•  Verti cut greens twice to remove thatch/fibre
•  Over seeded with pure bent grass seed
•  Twice top dressed about 10 tonnes
•  Twice solid micro spiked all greens


• 6 month slow release 1/2 rate on tees and surrounds
• Growth restrainers has been applied to tees to stop wet clumping of grass also to aid in the thickening of grass sward
• Top dressed 15 tonnes
• 12th/6th have had a heavy sand dressing applied
• verti drained to a depth of 4 inches, this is a consistent aeration programme
• New bridge on the 18th has been lowered


• Being cut at 16mm in height as and when we can get out there due to cold weather
• All semi rough has been sprayed for weeds


• As and when is needed the rough is currently being cut at 50mm


• Wild euro flower has been seeded on the 9th bank and the rear of 18th tee, also 3 large areas on the back of the 13th green area
• the trial plots have also all been seeded out with relevant mix’s


We played a friendly match against Launceston away on the 13th April, a great result 4-3.

Then we had the Captains Cup on the 20th April, which was won by K Woolley with 40 points. Runner up with 38 points was A Dance, playing off a new handicap of 11. In 3rd place was D Bailey with 36 points.

The return match against Launceston at home was played on 4th May with a winning score of 4.5-1.5.

We had our 1st Area league Match on Friday the 26th April at home against Looe. A fantastic win with the score of 4.5-0.5.

The Boundy Challenge which was due to be played on 28th April was postponed, due to lack of numbers, new date to be confirmed.

Our 2nd area league match was eventually played away at Lostwithiel on Friday 10th May, where we lost 3-2.


On the internal front, April eclectic was won by Graham Hodge 39 points the runner up was Allen Wright 38 points.

On the 23 April a St Georges day competition was played with players teeing of the red and white tees, this competition was won by Mel Alder 41 points the runner up was Jan Altenburg with 40 points.

The monthly medal was won by Graham Hodge Net 68 the runner up was Mel Adler will net 72.

Two friendly matches have been played, the first at homed against Bowood which resulted in a win for Trethorne 6/2.The second match was against Okehampton at home, which resulted in a win for Trethorne 5.5 to .5.

In spite of the results both opposing captain’s, wish me to pass on their praise, for the service, the meal, and the condition of the course.

And now to the high of the month if not the year, Trethorne retain the Triangular Trophy beating Great Torrington and Fingle Glen at Holsworthy Golf Club.

This was a great team effort with the average score for the 12 scoring scores of
32 .25 points. There were fine individual’s performances from Steve Saunders, Richard Hayday and Paul Cobb with 36, 38 and 38 points respectively.

Well done to all those who played.


1. Events Board

The events board that was discussed in Februarys Committee meeting has been agreed by the Committee, the Committee will purchase it (£175), sponsorship will be sought for advertising space at the bottom of the board. Jon said he will help in finding the 1st sponsors.
The board will be kept up to date by the reception staff.

2. Committee Day, a Sub Committee has been set and will be Margret Vanstone, Julie Brooks and Chris Eyles, who will decide the format for the day (29th June) they will report back at the next Committee meeting.

3. The landing area on the 4th is to be monitored over the next 2 months regarding the amount of divots; if it doesn’t improve a local rule may be introduced regarding the problem. Committee to discuss at the July meeting. In the mean time Justin will place signs regarding the replacement of divots in the area.

4. The committee would like to remind all members that when they are representing the Club in organized competitions they are expected to stay for the meal if provided after the match.

5. The Committee are still looking into the replacement of the Honor boards, Jon is to speak to Ivor Edmonds regarding the cost, Simon Schofield suggested making them in glass, Jon will speak to Trevose GC who have them in their clubhouse regarding costs etc.

The new boards will be from the year 2000, and the old boards will stay where they are to show the history of the club.

6. Simon Schofield said that the new charity boards are done and ready to be fitted by Justin and his team.

Finished at 20.20hrs

Next meeting Monday 3rd June 2013

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