Committee Meeting 3rd February 2014

Committee Meeting 3rd February 2014


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday 3rd February 2014

PRESENT M Brooks, J Gardner, J Austin, R Cobb, C Eyles S Schofield, S Saunders, J Brooks, H Eyles

APOLOGIES J Grainger, A Venning, M Vanstone

Meeting Started at 1910hrs.

Acceptance Minutes of Committee Meeting 4th November 2013


The height of cut has come up again to 5.5mm
They are all being cut as and when we can get out on them
Three greens have been extra hollow tined with a 12mm tine.
Currently the second green is on a temp due to the excessive amounts of rain fall

All tees devoted with pure dawf rye for drought tolerance and play
verti drained down to 7 inches in depth
Due to the weather we have not touched the fairways or rough

We are having a new shed built
274mm of rain fell in December
Winter ropes out on the course
Winter tee blocks have been put out as well
Discussion point being the potential new location of the second green !!


Committee accounts paid in/out:
Opening Balance: £2030.54
Will salver meals 54.00
Cornish bowl meals 120.00
Will salvers meals 114.75
Cornish bowl meals 244.50
Congu handicap books 12.00
Turkey trot vouchers 90.00
£174.00 £461.25
Closing Balance: £1743.29
Captains Charity
Opening Balance: £2616.64
Quiz Night £150.00
Closing Balance: £2766.64


The Annual review was completed between Christmas and the New Year. Thirty one changes were made to playing handicaps. Thirty four additional members have become inactive for the year 2014 taking the total number to over 70. The number of inactive players reflects that of 2012.

Data has been purged from the system. We hold two years’ worth of digital information and one year of paper records in the form of scorecards and print-outs.

I still intend to stand down as Handicap Secretary of Trethorne Golf Club at the end of this term.

Julie Brooks stated that the 2014 presentation evening notice has been displayed on the notice board, cost for the evening is £17.95 all members are encouraged to attend.

The Secratery informed the Committee that he has placed a notice on the board regarding this years AGM which will be held on Wednesday 12th March, again all members are encouraged to attend.

The committee agreed with the following dates ; Committee Day 5th July and Captains Charity Day 16th August, the Sec will put up the sheets nearer the dates.

Finished at 20.10hrs
Next meeting Monday 3rd March 2014