Committee Meeting 4th February 2013

Committee Meeting 4th February 2013

PRESENT:  M Brooks, J Brooks, S Saunders,  D Orriss, S Schofield,  J Gardner, J Austin, L Jewell, S Barnett, P Cobb, P Lakey

APOLOGIES:  J Grainger

Meeting Started at 1900hrs.

Acceptance Minutes of Committee Meeting 3rd December 2012

Matters arising.




  • All greens are being spiked at least three times a month
  • Green have been liquid feed/ liquid iron for colour
  • Being cut every day to a height of 5.5mm
  • Slowly the winter cultivars are coming though the grass profile
  • New white lines on the greens to denote new shapes (see notice board)
  • Tees/Surrounds
  • All tees divoted twice a week due to amount of play
  • Top dressed
  • 12th blue tee has been levelled off
  • Verti drained to a depth of 4 inches


  • Being cut at 16mm in height as and when we can get out there
  • Starting to slow down to one cut a year


  • As and when we can currently get out there the machine at the moment is at DGM having a major repair


  • Tree removal on holes 13/16 for sun light and wind
  • Hedge behind the 5th has been dropped to allow sunlight and air penetration, also H&S for the new 6th blue tee
  • New steps to tees 13/6/3
  • New benches on holes 2/6/12, also around the lodges
  • New bunkers have been turfed out
  • Budget for the course has been passed 2013
  • New targets and range has been painted
  • Built a new maintenance shed for the golf buggy’s
  • Sign on the notice boards about dogs on the course


1. An events board has been suggested to be placed by the entrance to the Club House; it is approx 8’x4’ and will show upcoming events for the upcoming 2 weeks, cost will be £175. This item will be placed on the agenda for May’s Committee meeting.

2. Les Jewell was asked by members to raise the question of the size of the 1st green. Justin Austin stated as before the reason for this was to allow the machinery on to the fringes due to the excessive amounts of rain fall, he is in the process of extending the green sizes.

3. Les Jewell asked about the area in front of the 2nd green. Justin said that this was due to him being forced to cut the rough after complaints by some members, he told members this would happen, and that the whole area needs digging out for the problem to be rectified but it is too late to do anything now due the start of the growing season. It is being looked into for a project next winter. In the mean time Justin will look into placing the pin position to the back of the green when possible.

4. Les Jewell also said that on a positive note he would like to thank Justin and his team for the condition of the course despite the adverse conditions, the Committee agreed.

5. Martin Brooks said entry forms from CGU have been received for the 2013/2014 Competitions.

  • Royal Cornwall Goblets x 4: £48
  • Frank Wills Salver: £32
  • Cornwall Bowl: £32

The Secretary has sent a cheque total £112 for our inclusion in the above events.

6. Simon Schofield asked that in future invoices for advertising in the Club diary should be paid before the diary is printed, the Committee agreed with this.

7. David Orriss handed in his resignation as Committee Treasurer with immediate effect, Martin Brooks accepted his resignation. The Secretary has placed on the notice board a form asking members for someone to take on this role.

8. The Secretary has also placed on the notice board changes to the Diary for March/ April.

Finished at 20.15hrs. Next meeting Monday 4th March 2013