Committee Meeting 4th March 2013

Committee Meeting 4th March 2013

PRESENT:  M Brooks, J Brooks, S Saunders, J Grainger,  J Gardner, J Austin, L Jewell, P Cobb, P Lakey, C Eyles.

APOLOGIES:  S Schofield

Meeting Started at 1900hrs.

Acceptance Minutes of Committee Meeting4th February 2012

Matters arising.




·        All greens are being spiked at least three times a month

·        Greens have had a light granular feed for resistance and colour

·        being cut every day to a height of 5.5mm

·        Slowly the winter cultivars are coming though the grass profile

·        new white lines on the greens to denote new shapes (see notice board)


·        All tees divoted twice a week due to amount of play

·        Top dressed 15 tonnes

·        12th/6th have had a heavy sand dressing applied

·        verti drained to a depth of 4 inch’s

·        middle of the 18th tee stripped off and being turfed due to flooding

·        18th green surround removed and turfed out


·        Being cut at 16mm in height as and when we can get out there

·        All fairways have been feed with 5 month slow release feed


·        As and when we can currently get out there the machine at the moment is at DGM having a major repair


·        front of the 2nd green stripped and turfed

·        all bunkers netted and so far 3 filled up with sand

·        walkways feed up and over seeded

·        The bank behind the 9th is being reshaped this week

·        notice on the main club board about dogs on the course

·        new drain gone in by the ladies 18th tee


Unfortunately the Cornish Bowl and the Will Salver both failed to get past the semi finals. I feel as a club, 2 semi finals in a county competition is extremely good. I feel very proud of the teams and thanks all of the supporters.

The first competition of the year was the Cawsey Commercial. This won by

Andrew Dance, Miles May and Ian Burn with a net score of 62.5.

Next we had the Paul Gray Texas Scramble. This was won by Ivor Edmunds, Chris Copley and Julie Brooks with a net score of 62.5

The parnell Winter Salver was successfully defended by Andrew Dance and Miles May with a net 72.6.


The year is underway with the first competition being played on the 23rdFebruary,

Two’s Company. This was won by Charlie Edmunds and Jill Munro with 35 points.

Runners up with 34 points was Julie Brooks and Shirley Hodge.

We played our first mini league match against St Kew at home on the 3rd march and had a great win of 5-0. Hopefully the 1st of many wins.

The ladies away day is on the board. Sunday 17th march at Downs Crediton. Hoping to see as many ladies there as possible.


The drier weather improved the scoring for February, the best of the bunch were Mike Vanstone and Graham Hodge 40 points and Jan Altenburg 39 points.

The Keith Piper Trophy is now on display in the reception area. The display cabinet which is of outstanding quality, has been supplied and donated by Mr Ivor Edmunds.

The Senior Section would like to thank Ivor for his craftsmanship and generosity.


1.     Martin Brooks and the Committee would like to thank David Orriss for his hard work during his time as Committee treasurer, the procedures he introduced into the club and in setting up the Committee accounts.

2.     Martin brooks has started to price the cost of the new honours boards for the bar area and will report back at next months meeting.

3.     As this was Les Jewell last committee meeting the committee thanked him for his hard work for the years he has been Mixed Captain. (he will be back)

4.     Martin introduced Chris Eyels to the committee, Chris will be acting as Vice Captain for 2013 with Martin continuing as Club captain, but with the help of Chris he will be taking more of a back seat role for the year.

5.     A member asked if the marker post on the 7th fairway could be  moved so as to avoid the occasional ball striking it, after much discusion the Committee decided that a local rule should be introduced stating that any balls striking any Red/White marker posts must be replayed without penalty from the place where the ball was struck.

Also the local rules are to be amended to state that any shot being played on the 1st hole is out of bounds if the ball comes to rest past the white marker posts guarding the 18th fairway ( not just the tee shot ).

6.     Jon Grainger told the Committee that the cost of meals following matches will now be £11.50 a rise of 50p the Committee agreed with this.

7.     Owners day this year will be rearranged.

8.     Julie Brooks had on occasion at the weekend to speak to a visitor regarding a child driving a buggy, all persons hiring buggies should be aware that only persons over 16 years of age are allowed to drive buggies, any members spotting any infringements should bring it to the attention of the Club / Committee members or at weekends the Course Marshall.

9.     Graham Evans will be acting as Course Marshall for 2013 at weekends.

10.Peter Peter trophy will now be played on the 8th June.

11.Martin has told the Committee that he hopes the Cornwall Air Ambulance will be in attendance for presentation of the cheque on the 6th April Captains Drive in.

12. The following email was received by the Secretary from Geoff Saunders, “ I would like to congratulate Martin and Julie on what they have both accomplished this year after the events of last year and some of the things that were said to them, I think they have done an excellent job of bringing the club back to where it is today, and I think they can both hold there heads high I for  one and I know many members have thoroughly enjoyed  my golfing year with them“.

13. The Secretary received the following email;

Now we are part of a group consisting of 3 golf courses, where do we stand on members from the other 2 clubs playing in weekend inhouse competitions at the other clubs venue.

(i.e. a member from lostwithiel who travels to boringdon or trethorne to play in a mens singles cup/medal etc and wins it vice versa of course

does the golf committee at trethorne impose any restrictions on players from playing in other inhouse comps or is it no restriction at all, we have had this come up at meetings and i was just wondering if you have anything or nothing in place considering that this may have occured with the fact you were joined with boringdon well before we came along.

The Committee have said that only members who have there handicaps held at Trethorne are allowed to play in inhouse competitions, the Committee restricts all competitions, medal/singles to members of Trethorne.

The secretary has replied stating our views.

Finished at 20.30hrs

Next meeting Monday 8th April 2013

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