Committee Meeting April 2014

Committee Meeting April 2014



Minutes  of Committee Meeting held on

Monday 7th April 2014


PRESENT  M Brooks, J Brooks, S Saunders, J Gardner, C Brewer, C Eyles, H Eyles, G Evans, A Venning, J Austin



APOLOGIES  J Grainger.


Meeting Started at 1900hrs.


Acceptance Minutes of Committee Meeting 3rd March 2014


Matters arising.





  • The height of cut remains at 5.5mm
  • I have sprayed all the greens with a liquid organic feed which at last is giving me the growth we need
  • They are all being cut, every other day at the moment we have forced the growth due to the golf demand



  • All tees devoted with pure dwarf rye for drought tolerance and play
  • All tees and surrounds are being cut twice a week at the moment
  • The tees have been fed with 4 month slow release granular ferti 21.4.8+fe( only thing that’s really growing)



  • The fairways are being cut every week, but we are still struggling with growth
  • All the fairways have had a 6 month slow release granular feed of 12.4.8
  • All the rough is being cut every week due to the growth at last


16th Hole

  • Turfing around the green and bunker to a depth of 2 meters
  • Over seeded the whole area with a dwarf rye for strength and colour
  • Bridge completed which is a maintenance bridge only
  • Ferti applied to the soil area to increase grass germination
  • Complete irrigation ring put in to link up the green to main course including pop ups
  • Hedge lowered up the right to allow light, air flow and looks better


2nd Green

  • This green has been over seeded twice with bent grass and dwarf rye
  • A organic seed booster has been sprayed on and growth is coming
  • The large black germination sheet has been covered and forcing growth
  • Re-location of the green talking point!!!!
  • We might be possibly playing on the green at weekends providing not too much damage is done



  • We are having a new shed built???
  • Pile of soil in front of the 18th tee has nothing to do with us!! What a lovely surprise!!!!
  • Two temp greens on the 2nd
  • Painted the driving range/lodge walls as well as front of club house
  • Currently painting outside walls of club house and lodges
  • Floor to be painted in the range as well





Since our last meeting we have had our Captain’s Drive In which was won by Martin and Julie Brooks with James Gardner. The following weekend was the Truscott Trophy won by Ian Murray and then we played a friendly against Launceston at home. We won 4 – 1!

Last Saturday we played for the Peter Peter Trophy which was won by Ryan Schofield with a magnificent 40 points off the blues.



Committee accounts paid in/out:


Opening Balance:         £907.91




Cgu fees                                                                                            £150.00

Mileage cgu meeting/photos                                                    £  33.06

Peter Langsford diary advert                      £  50.00

Horizon Diary advert                                           £100.00

Captains drive in                                        £  11.50

Trustcott trophy                                                   £  11.50

Woolacotts diary advert                             £  50.00

Peter peter                                                  £  19.50


£242.50               £183.06

Closing Balance:                 £ 967.35


 Captains Charity


Opening Balance:                 £2766.64


Bottle                                     £   118.36


Closing balance March       £2885.00



Opening balance April         nil



Ladies Captain Report


Since our last meeting the ladies have played a couple of competitions. Unfortunately, we lost 2 – 1 at home in a friendly against Launceston. Rosemary held her Captain’s away day here on 23 March and named Jill Shirley as her lady of the year for winning most competitions. Heather Saxon actually won the friendly competition on that day.




  • Chris Brewer said the PSI system was now fully working
  • Chris and Heather Stated that they are happy as a temp measure to oversee the Mixed matches with the Committees help until a Mixed Captain can be found
  • Members/visitors are still wearing on occasion golf shoes and headwear in the bar area, the Club Sec thought that the sign in place at the moment was not being seen, a suggestion was made regarding better signage preferably on the door to the bar area stating “No Golf Shoes No Headwear in Club House, this was agreed by the Committee
  • Steve Saunders asked about the committee members being issued with badges to show their role with in the club, the Committee decided against this but agreed that a photo should be taken and placed in the club house so members/visitors can see whose on the committee if they need to contact them
  • Heather Eyles asked that Committee day be put on the next month’s agenda, clubs’ sec duly noted
  • Chris Brewer said the members roll up tee times at weekends were not being filled on a regular basis this is to be monitored
  • Start times for Club Competitions from 0800hrs next year maybe if numbers dictate this will be discussed further in Julys Committee meeting

Finished at 2020

Next meeting Monday 12th May