Committee Meeting March 2014

Committee Meeting March 2014



Minutes  of Committee Meeting held on

Monday 3rd March 2014


PRESENT  M Brooks, J Brooks, S Saunders, J Grainger,  J Gardner, J Austin, R Cobb, S Schofield. M Vanstone, C Eyles, H Eyles




Meeting Started at 1910hrs.


Acceptance Minutes of Committee Meeting 3rd February 2014


Matters arising.







Ÿ       The height of cut remains at 5.5mm

Ÿ       A lawn sand based product high in sulphate of ammonia has been applied to the greens to combat any surface squidge appearing due to the bacteria dying. This happens when the greens become saturated for prolonged periods of time!!! Ie the surface becomes slippery black and squidgy.

Ÿ       They are all being cut as and when we can get on them

Ÿ       Three greens have been hollow tined with a 12mm tine

Currently the 2nd green is on a temp due to the excessive amounts of rain fall, this has been over seeded and hollow tined again. At the moment we have 2 temp greens in play, both have the yardage up on the tee sign, reception is informed each day as to which green is in play.


Tees/ Surrounds

Ÿ       All tees devoted with pure dwarf rye for drought tolerance and play

Ÿ       Verti drained down to 7 inches in depth

Ÿ       All tees and surrounds are being cut once a week at the moment

Also the tees will be fed in the next month with their 4 month slow release granular feed



Ÿ       Due to the weather we have not touched the fairways or the rough

Currently all the rough is having the tree debris picked up



Ÿ       We are having a new shed built

Ÿ       302mm of rain fell in Feb

Ÿ       Winter ropes out on the course

Ÿ       2 temp greens on the 2nd

Ÿ       Painted the driving range/lodge as well as front of club house

Ÿ       All gutters cleaned out as well round the club house

Ÿ       Stoning up of path on the 16th

New interception drain gone in above the 11th green


Discussion point being the potential new location of the 2nd green!!!!




We started of the year by playing the Cawsey Commercial  on Sunday 2nd February. Winners were B Bowen, K Woolley and C Copley.


The Paul Gray Texas Scramble, the Parnell and the Valentine Trot had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers. The Paul Gray Texas Scramble and the Parnell to be re-arranged later on in the year, along with the Killiow Friendly match.


On the 1st March we had Presentation Evening. A successful night with 46 people in attendance, not much drunk as the Cornish Bowl Final was to be played the next day.


A bad day weather wise was made worse by losing.






Committee accounts paid in/out:

Opening Balance:         £1743.29


A Dance advert                                                   100.00

Cornish bowl meals                                           338.00

Cawsey Commercial                                             10.50

Cornish bowl meals                                                                          481.00

Casino presentation evening                                                          300.00

Trophies presentation evening                                                        502.88

£448.50             £1283.88

Closing Balance:                 £907.61

Captains Charity

Opening Balance:      £2766.64

Closing Balance:                 £2766.64