Ladies Golf Club

Ladies Golf

The Trethorne Ladies Golf Section has doubled in its numbers over past two years or so, and is a friendly, fun and relaxed group to be part of. The section has its very own identity and it is one of Trethorne’s key objectives to continue to grow and develop the Ladies Golf Club.

The Ladies Golf Club meet on a regular basis for both competitions and matches, and also for more informal events such as the monthly Ladies Coffee Morning, which takes place on the second Wednesday of every month.

If you are new to the game or simply looking for a fresh start, the Ladies Golf Club at Trethorne is the ideal place to pick up your clubs and a great way to meet new friends.

Ladies Golf Captain Report 2016/17

“As the new Ladies Captain for 2016/2017 I would like to welcome all ladies of all abilities to come and play. We are a very friendly bunch of girls who like to play golf for fun. We do have a few competitions which are also played in a friendly manner. We do not have a lot of lady members and more would be very welcomed. We aim to introduce you to golf gently with no pressure on winning – it’s about playing a game and having fun whilst doing so. I have played golf since 2006 and still not very good at it, but I do think it’s fun to share the outdoors with like-minded people, then enjoy the 19th hole after a lovely walk around a super golf course.”

Charlie Edmunds

“Ladies Captain”