STRI Report

Justin and his team were listed as a Finalist in late 2013 for an Environmental Award through the STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute). Trethorne finished a very respectable 13th place within the UK. We cannot enter for another 2 years now which gives us further opportunity to develop our Eco systems and environmental practices.

The report from the STRI is as follows:

“Trethorne Golf Club is a relatively recently established course (1998) and was originally managed without any major consideration for its environmental or ecological potential.  However, for the past seven years the staff have been undertaking a number of environmental projects with great enthusiasm.  

Of particular importance is the fact that local wildlife trusts have become aware of the course activities.  These include Launceston Parish Wildlife Trust and Cornwall Wildlife Trust.  Moreover, an Ecology blog is included within the course website to further publicise its conservation activities.

Best Flowers

They are in the process of introducing more naturalistic planting on the course e.g. the introduction of gorse.  A gorse nursery has been created for the purpose.

One aim of the management strategy is to achieve corridors of longer grass for wildlife movement. Some wildflowers have been planted.  Cuttings from the rough are presently returned to the surface. It would be preferable for these to be removed from the site in order to reduce soil fertility, thus providing a greater chance for the establishment of wildflowers.”